Elizabeth Mutumi

Elizabeth is the mother of Shorayi, the Co-ordinator of Gogo Olive Cares. Elizabeth recently lost her own mother (in 2019) who was between 115 – 120 years old!!  They weren’t totally sure of her age but they know her first child was born in 1920!  Elizabeth likes discipline so sometimes finds the workshop a bit too noisy, it can get very festive at times!

Dreams for the future

To have a car and a good life.

What makes you happy

When I am praying I will be happy.  Also being paid on time makes me happy.

What does being part of Gogo Olive mean to you?

It means I am a hard worker and a good knitter.  It means I know about good quality and I can be a good Mother.  It means I can be an organiser and plan for my family.