Chipo Kamota

Chipo picked up knitting quickly and is a very cheery member of our team, her laugh can often be heard all through the workshop!  She is strong so is one of the first to get involved with carrying boxes to or from the workshop.  Despite being quite a joker she is also known as being serious about her work and doesn’t like too many interruptions!

What makes you happy?

Having good health, going to Church and spending time with my family members.  I also feel happy on my birthday!

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

I like the way that I work, I think I am a good knitter and this means I can be a good mother who can plan for her family.  I like that we have lots of customers who buy our products and that we have lots of fun at the workshop.

What don’t people know about you?

People think that I am quiet but I am not!  I am just thinking about my life and the many things that have happened in it.