Dorcas Chikumbu

Dorcas is one of the original Gogo Olive knitters from 2008 and she was the quickest to pick up how to knit our products.  She has had some ups and downs with her health over the years but her knitting quality has been consistent.  She is the mother in law of Gertrude.  She is one of our more serious members and is known for being a hard worker.  But sometimes she will start dancing out of the blue and have all the ladies in stitches!

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

I like coming to work every day because I know it means I will have food on the table.  I am also thankful that Gogo Olive have helped me with my health issues and they give us extra things to help us when times are tough.

Favourite things about Zimbabwe

Life is hard in but the fact that there is peace and love in Zimbabwe makes me feel comforted that we will survive.

Message for your customers

Thank you so much for purchasing our products.  This makes me feel proud and means I can have plans and budget things for myself, even though I am old.


We are all very sad to share that Dorcas passed away this month. She had a stroke in November 2020 and has struggled with her health since then. We are very thankful for Dorcas’ life, she has been a big part of the Gogo Olive story and she is very missed x