Elizabeth Mutumi

Elizabeth is the mother of Shorayi, the Co-ordinator of Gogo Olive Cares. Elizabeth recently lost her own mother (in 2019) who was between 115 – 120 years old!!  They weren’t totally sure of her age but they know her first child was born in 1920!  Elizabeth likes discipline so sometimes finds the workshop a bit too noisy, it can get very festive at times!

Dreams for the future

To have a car and a good life.

What makes you happy

When I am praying I will be happy.  Also being paid on time makes me happy.

What does being part of Gogo Olive mean to you?

It means I am a hard worker and a good knitter.  It means I know about good quality and I can be a good Mother.  It means I can be an organiser and plan for my family.

Update – January 2021

It is with great sadness that we share that Elizabeth passed away this month after a battle with cancer. She is missed by all the ladies but especially her daughter, Shorayi, who was very close to her mother. We are thankful for her life and that she was a part of our Gogo Olive family x