Gertrude Musiyarira

Gertrude, or Gerty, is married to Dorcas’ son and that is how she was first introduced to Gogo Olive.  She brings a lot of stability to the workshop and the other ladies go to her for help and advice.  If staff members are away, Gerty is always using her initiative and filling in the gap, she is always working hard behind the scenes.

Dreams for the future

I always dream about boarding an aeroplane and flying to Scotland!

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

I really enjoy being in the workshop and my job as a knitter. I love having jokes with the other ladies, we laugh a lot!  I like when people come to visit us and we welcome them by singing and dancing.

What do people not know about you

I love watching English soccer!

Message for your customers

Thank you for supporting us and advertising our products to other people who do not know about us – please keep doing this!  And we want to know what you think of our products?  Also, if you feel you would like to take us on holiday to where you live you are welcome!!