Gladys Maromo

Gladys is literally a knitting machine and I am in awe at how quickly her needles can move!  She is head of Quality Control at Gogo Olive and has a brilliant work ethic, she is always the first to get involved when there is an extra job that needs to be done.  She is also known in the workshop as the ‘Farmer’ as she grows all sorts of veggies at her home and takes them in to sell to the other ladies.  The ladies tease her because she wants to make placards for every special event and parade around the workshop waving them – not a bad quality I would say!!

Dreams for the future

I want to become a landlord.  And my wish is that my children will complete school and have good jobs.

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

Gogo Olive means I can sustain a living and I can make plans.  I like that we get paid on time every month and I love when we have parties!

What makes you happy

Weekends make me happy when I can spend time enjoying with my kids.  Having money also makes me happy.  My favourite day would be if I could have a meat only feast, I love meat!