Joyline Makwambeni

Joyline is known as the ‘Matron’, she is always looking after the other ladies children (especially Nashil, Rosa’s daughter, they are best friends!), doing the dishes and generally volunteering for all the housekeeping jobs!  Her story is one of my favourites from all my time at Gogo Olive.  When I met Joyline she had a giant goiter on her neck and it was steadily growing until it was becoming life threatening.  She was understandably nervous about having an operation as she was worried she wouldn’t survive and as she is a widow this would leave her 3 sons as orphans.  It actually took Ruth and I several years to persuade her it was a good idea (and we were feeling VERY nervous and responsible when she finally went for the op, there was a LOT of prayer happening!!)  The operation was expensive but was made possible thanks to a very generous donor from Scotland, I love how the Gogo Olive story is so much a team effort.  We are so, so thankful that the operation went very well and visiting her in the hospital afterwards was a very happy day.  One of her sons commented to us – ‘My Mom looks beautiful’- serious lump in the throat material!  These are the moments when I feel so privileged to have the job I do and incredibly thankful for all the people who make happy endings like this possible.

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

The teaching that I get from others.  Also devotion time, it encourages me and makes me strong.  Being a part of Gogo Olive reminds me that God loves me.

What makes you happy

Getting paid on time, we never miss our salaries.  And when we have parties.

Message for your customers

Thank you very much for buying our products.  Please can you tell everyone about us so they will know about our group of ladies in Zimbabwe.