Julie Hagan

Dreams for the future

That I will be able to do my part to help Gogo Olive to grow to reach its full potential and that we can positively impact as many lives as possible. 


It is such a privilege to have a job that challenges me, motivates me, allows me to be creative and where I am seeing lives being transformed on a daily basis.  This was never the route I imagined my life would take but I can honestly say there is nothing else I’d rather be doing!  I love seeing our ladies change as they start to recognise their worth and potential and it is amazing for me to see how as a group we love and support each other, we really have become like a family.  And we have a lot of fun, something that I really value, it makes me happy that the main noise in the workshop is laughter!


The people!  I’ve made friends who have become family and I feel so welcomed and supported by the community here.  I love how people are so quick to smile, laugh and give you their time – despite all the difficulties they face.  It is an incredibly beautiful country and there is a sense of adventure and opportunity here that makes life fun, unpredictable and full.  It has encouraged me to believe that anything is possible (like setting up a business with no experience and running 90kms!)  It has challenged me to think about what is really important and to spend less time worrying about what I have or don’t have and more time investing in relationships and being thankful.  I have faced the biggest challenges and hardest times of my life in Zimbabwe but this has helped me to grow as a person and I am very thankful for all the people who have walked this journey with me.  I have grown in my faith and have seen and experienced the most amazing acts of kindness, generosity and humility.  I have so much love for this country and its people!