Loveness Marijeni

Loveness was a part of Gogo Olive in the early days but moved to South Africa for a while when life was particularly tough in Zim.  We were very happy when she joined us again in 2018 and she has slotted very easily back into the team.  She can speak Ndebele which is the language spoken on the other side of Zimbabwe (most of our ladies speak Shona!) so she is sometimes called ‘MuNdebele’ because she can talk on the phone and no one can understand her! (I can do the same with my Scottish accent!)

Describe your ideal day

My birthday!  Everyone gets together and we will sing, enjoy and have jokes with my kids and our neighbours.

What makes you happy

Seeing other people happy, especially the other ladies at Gogo Olive.  And when I have submitted all my work and it is good.  Being involved with Gogo Olive makes me happy as it helps me to be the perfect mother.

Message for your customers

Thank you for buying our products and helping the project to go a long way – keep up the good work!  You are welcome to come and visit us and see what we are doing here.