Mavis Makumba

Mavis is our Assistant Manager and makes sure everything is running smoothly at the workshop.  She joined Gogo Olive in 2009 when she was on an attachment from the Business course she was studying – I don’t think she or I knew that over 10 years later we would still be working together!  I am very thankful for her wisdom and insight – especially when it comes to cultural issues, sometimes she has to explain to me why my ideas maybe aren’t very good ones!!  She is a great support to all of the ladies and is always in the thick of any discussions or jokes that are taking place in the workshop.  Mavis and Shorayi are known as the ‘Food Chasers’ as they like to eat a lot – they are always on hand to finish off any sadza that is left after lunch!  She has played a key role in the development of Gogo Olive and we are very grateful for her.

What makes you happy

Seeing my kids and my family happy and enjoying with them.  And knowing that my parents are satisfied with their lives.  I love waking up and relaxing and playing with my kids and then going to the flea market boutique.

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

The parties, games and dancing when we have our social time.  I like when we are busy and I have targets to meet.  For me, Gogo Olive means happy moments on a daily basis and laughter and jokes and I love all the nicknames we have for each other.


Svosvai – it means the one who makes things collide and Food Chaser!