Mercy Manyeruke

Mercy is the daughter of Alice and sister of Shamiso and is known as the lady who laughs the most!  She says that being in the Gogo Olive workshop is good for her blood pressure so she often stays longer than she needs to!  She is very helpful and is a good support to Mavis, our Assistant Manager.

Dreams for the future

I dream of having my own house and that I can keep on knitting and taking care of my kids.

What makes you happy

Talking and having jokes with the other ladies makes me happy and helps me to forget my problems.  Getting paid on time.  Having a good time with my family.

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

Having jokes and laughing with the other ladies and when we have parties as we have so much fun.  Being employed and knowing we will get extra help if we need it.  It also makes me feel like I am someone important, I am a representative of the women of today – a woman who is able to take care of her family.


The Organiser