Mestildah Mutizwa

Mestilda lives outside Harare so we only see her at the workshop once a month.  But she has become famous in the workshop because she is an older lady but she speaks slang like the younger ladies do!  We enjoy mixing with the ladies from the different parts of our project.

Dreams for the future

I dream of having a better life and that I will be able to care for the 8 orphans that I look after, 3 of my daughters have passed away.

What makes you happy

Knitting and going to Church.  Also spending time with my friends and family members.

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

Knitting and having happy moments.  I like when we are given extra things and t-shirts.  For me it means that I am someone who is talented and can do things alone.  It makes me a mother who can support her family, even though I have a big burden to carry.