Miriam Mahuku

Miriam is also known as Wadzanai or Wadzi because when we first met her in Mutare Remand Prison she had made up a new name for herself so people didn’t know it was her in prison!  Miriam and Wadzanai are now used interchangeably and she happily answers to either!  She is definitely one of our jokers and is lots of fun to have around.  She can also shake her bum in ways that don’t look humanly possible!!

Dreams for the future

I want to be able to buy my own house and for my children to complete their education and go on to study further.  I also dream that one day I will fly on an airplane and meet with our customers!

What makes you happy

Spending time with my husband and children and knowing that we have food on the table.  Having a job also makes me happy.

What don’t people know about you?

I am cheeky!!  I really like having jokes!