Nyradzo Hwatirera

Nyaradzo is one of our quieter ladies and keeps to herself a lot – but she is also full of wisdom so all the ladies know that if she does speak it is worth listening.  I love that Gogo Olive is made up of so many different characters but they all have their place in the workshop.

Dreams for the future

That I will be able to look after my kids and for them to have a better education and a better life.  My dream is that God will guide me and protect me.


Meeting with the other ladies and having times of devotion together.  I like that it means I can support myself and my family and that I don’t need to rely on handouts.


May you keep buying the products we make and show other people the work we are doing here – you are really helping and supporting us.  You can even come and visit us and see how we do it, we pray that the project will go a long way.