Peacemore Masamvu

Peacemore, or Peace, is one of our older ladies and she has 7 children and (currently!) 12 grandchildren.  She is known as the Silent Joker because she is often up to mischief but you don’t expect it from her!  She was seriously ill with TB a few years ago when the healthcare in Zimbabwe was particularly bad.  Ruth had to make an on the spot decision about admitting her to a private hospital which ended up saving her life.  It was thanks to the Emergency Fund that we have that Ruth was in a position to do this so it really reminded us how incredibly thankful we are for all the people who support us in this way.  Peace has a big soft spot for Ruth and asks me about how Ruth is very regularly!


The Christmas and Easter parties where we all celebrate as a project together.  That we can get assistance when we are ill or when we face challenges.  It means I always know that God has remembered me and I can be a real mother to my family, I put food on the table.

What makes you happy

Having good health.  And being at work where I have fun with the other ladies.


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