Primrose Sangweme

Primrose is known as ‘Second Pastor’ as, like Shorayi, she always has a sermon at the ready!  I love how the ladies also support each other in this way and will pray for the different needs they each have.  She is one of our main dancers and is one of the strongest ladies – ideal for carrying heavy orders!  And she is definitely the fastest sprinter – as Ruth discovered when the ladies were helping her train for the London marathon!

Dreams for the future

That Gogo Olive will go a long way so that I will be able to earn a living and one day buy a house and a car.

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

I like when we get orders and I enjoy knitting.  I like that we get paid on time and that we get assistance when times are hard.

What d people not know about you?

I don’t get angry and I can forgive quickly.  I like to be generous with what I have.


Magie or Magblobe – because I have big eyes like light bulbs!