Original: Koala



  • A baby Koala is called a Joey and is born blind and earless
  • Koala Joeys climb into their mother’s pouch straight after birth and live there for around 6 months
  • Koalas are big eaters, they can eat up to 1kg of eucalyptus leaves a day!
  • Koalas get their name from the Aboriginal term ‘no drink’. Koalas get almost all their moisture from the leaves they eat so they rarely drink water
  • Koalas can sleep for up to 18 hours a day!


  • Individually named by the lady who knitted it
  • Tagged with the name and photo (unless they are still in prison) of the knitter
  • CE tested
  • Hand knitted with a mix of acrylic and cotton yarns
  • Stuffed with a polyester toy stuffing
  • Wash by gentle sponge cleaning