Ruth Green

Ruth is my sister and she came out to Zimbabwe when she could see I needed help!!  She ended up staying for almost 4 years and she now works for Gogo Olive based in Orkney, Scotland.  I am very thankful to have such a supportive sister and I think our different strengths complement each other really well.  Anyone who knows Ruth will know she is famous for always having the biggest smile on her face and she is one of the most positive people I know – this really helped us get through some difficult times in Zim.  Ruth set up Gogo Olive Cares which has made a massive difference in making sure we are focusing on all aspects of the ladies well being.  I loved living with Ruth in Mutare, we had lots of fun as well as it being a really positive time for the development of Gogo Olive.  All the ladies have a lot of love for Ruth and talk about her regularly, she is very much still a part of the Gogo Olive family.


I love seeing how we aren’t just work colleagues but how we have become a Gogo Olive family and how quick everyone is to support and encourage each other.  I also love the spontaneous singing and dancing that goes on and wish I could dance like the Gogo Olive knitters, as they have the moves!!  I feel so proud and privileged to be a part of Gogo Olive.  I love seeing how having employment helps the knitters to grow in confidence in themselves and value themselves more.  I appreciate getting to work alongside some amazing ladies who inspire me and teach me how I want to live on this earth.


The people!  They are so open and strangers are quick to greet and chat with you.  I love how generosity seems to be a common characteristic in the majority and they are always keen to have fun and make the best of tough situations.  


The day that Peacemore came back to the knitting workshop after having been life-threateningly ill with TB.  I felt so overwhelmed that Gogo Olive, through the emergency fund, had been able to assist her in her treatment and that she was alive due to the generosity of many Gogo Olive supporters.  I felt very proud that day to be a part of a charity which was making a real difference in the lives of individuals.