Shamiso Manyeruke

Shamiso is the daughter of Alice, one of the original Gogo Olive knitters, and the sister of Mercy.  She is also a bit of a matchmaker as she introduced Shylet to her brother in law – and they are now married!!  Good work Shamiso!

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

I enjoy the devotion time, lunch and that we always get paid on time.  Working at Gogo Olive means I am able to educate my children.  I hope that one day I will own my own house.

Favourite things about Zimbabwe

We have freedom and I am proud that my identity is as a Zimbabwean.

Message for your customers

I hope you like the products I make.  I hope you will keep buying the products we make and that you will come and visit us – we would love to meet you!


Shamie – Madam Boss!