Shylet Maguta

Shylet is more often called ‘Shakira’ among the Gogo Olive ladies because she once danced like Shakira (unbeknown to her!) – but the nickname has well and truly stuck!  She has had quite a lot of heartache and injustices in her life but we were really happy when Shamiso introduced Shylet to her brother in law, who is now her husband!  She is one of the quieter ladies but loves to have fun as much as the rest of them.

Dreams for the future

My wish is to have a house, a car and a good life

What makes you happy

Having fun with others makes me happy!  Also going to Church and any day that I have a special meal with my family.  And when my children succeed in their schooling.

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

It means I am a good knitter and I am recognised as a woman who goes to work and provides for my family.  I also enjoy all the parties and functions that we have.

Message for your customers

Please keep on buying our products, it makes us feel motivated and loved.  And you can come and visit us if you like.