Tsitsi Makwavarara

Tsitsi is more commonly called Tsitsi Honde as she is named after the area in Zimbabwe that she comes from and is known to be a bit of a businesswoman!  She sets goals for herself which is something we encourage all of our ladies to do.

Dreams for the future

For my kids to do well in education and that I can pay the fees so they can do extra courses after they have finished school.


I am a mother who is always happy.  I need jokes!  I like to be happy most of the time, I just need a good life.

Favourite Things about Gogo Olive

Making things with my hands makes me happy.  When we have Bible study and devotion and have a good time together.  I also enjoy our parties.  I am also happy that we get paid on time.  Being a part of Gogo Olive means I am a good knitter and a money maker who is able to take care of her kids.


Rasta Tsitsi (I have dreadlocks!)