Original: Monkey (Shoko)



  • Monkeys peel their bananas and don’t eat the skin
  • Albert II was the first monkey in space, he landed on the moon on 14th June 1949
  • A group of Monkeys is called a troop, a barrel or a cartload!
  • Monkeys can grasp with both their fingers and their toes
  • Some monkeys can count and understand written numbers
  • To attract a female partner, some species of monkey urinate on their hands and rub it into their fur


  • Individually named by the lady who knitted it
  • Tagged with the name and photo (unless they are still in prison) of the knitter
  • CE tested
  • Hand knitted with a mix of acrylic and cotton yarns
  • Stuffed with a polyester toy stuffing
  • Wash by gentle sponge cleaning