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We recently found out that we have to move out of the premises where we have been working from for the past 6 years.  Initially, we were disappointed about this but it has opened up an exciting opportunity for us.  It started us thinking that maybe we could buy our own property to work from, to give Gogo Olive a permanent base.  Things have moved quickly and out of the blue a property has come up that perfectly suits our needs.

Owning our own property will be such a positive step for Gogo Olive, it will give us a new level of security (in a country where security of any kind is hard to find), it will allow us to grow and it will provide us with a space that we can make into a home for our Gogo Olive family – a place that will give us identity and a sense of safety and belonging.

To make this vision a reality will cost £100,000 – not an insubstantial amount of money – but we’ll not be intimidated by all the zeroes! Whilst we’re feeling a mixture of very excited and totally terrified we absolutely believe this step of faith is worth taking and the best way for us to move Gogo Olive forward.  We need our first instalment by 1st October 2019 so this the first goal we are working towards.

Zimbabwe is facing lots of challenges at the moment, for the vast majority of Zimbabweans the future looks very uncertain.  Initially this made us question the timing of our plan to buy a property, but the more we think about it, the more we realise it is the perfect time.  Now more than ever we want to show our Gogo Olive ladies that we are here to stay, we are putting down roots and we believe in their futures.  We can’t change the situation in the country, but we can show that there is hope.

This is a massive project and not something that we would have taken on without the confidence that we have people who support us and who also believe in a brighter future for Gogo Olive and for Zimbabwe.  Asking for help is rarely easy – it is humbling and sometimes a bit awkward!  But we can’t make this vision a reality without getting other people on board with us to see the future we are believing in and working towards.  Here are a few ways you can get involved…

  • Make a donation via www.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/ahomeforgogoolive
  • Share this post and tell your family / friends / anyone who will listen about our goal.
  • Organise your own fundraising event for Gogo Olive – a great way to spread the word and get others involved.

It is the most encouraging thing to know that there are people on this journey with us.  We can’t say enough how much we appreciate the support we receive from so many people in so many different ways.

Mazvita / Thank you!!

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  1. julie vanzevern
    | Reply

    HOW EXCITING FOR GOGO OLIVE. I HAVE LOVED YOUR WORK EVERY SINCE I CAME UPON THEM IN DUNES ESTATES WHEN I LIVED IN ZIM. There’s similar things out there but… nothing like a hand knitted animal from a Zimbabwean special lady/Amai. I will be praying for total success in your new home and may God richly bless each and every one of these lovely ladies (and their families). Looking forward to getting my post. My granddaughter Holland will be thrilled as she has been waiting for quite some time now.
    Be blessed!!

  2. David J Short
    | Reply

    Enjoy checking your website from time to time. How is the fund developing for the instalments on your new property? Good to see your products so well displayed on the Global Hand website. Look forward to your next blog.

    Appreciating you all.


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